Salamanca is a beautiful city in Spain, the place where many cultures and languages meet. There is also one of the oldest universities in Europe. It is a city where boredom does not exist. These factors make Salamanca a perfect place to learn.
We hope that our school will constitute such a place for you. We offer courses for everybody and on every level. Our priority is to develop your communication skills because in the word of "global village" the ability to speak a foreign language, not the sole passive knowledge of the language turns out to be the most important!

The number of people going abroad is still increasing- our offer is directed also to them. Learning at our school beside learning the language is focused on getting the students acquainted with culture and customs of the countries in which the language is spoken to.
Due to the fact that each of us acquires knowledge in a different way, the teaching programme in Salamanca is adjusted to your needs. If you are interested, or at least you consider learning a foreign language - come and try our free trial class!

See you!


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